New England AYF is dedicated to teaching youth through positive role models. Emphasis is on learning, playing, and enjoying the sport of football and cheerleading while instilling high moral standards by stressing the importance of academic achievement an

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Congrats!  We are excited that you have decided to join us!


As a new organization, you should strongly consider incorporating yourself as a non-profit corporation under your states laws. Incorporating will provide your association, its administrators and volunteers a level of protection against personal liability that may arise from the operation of your youth program. Your association should consult with an attorney to discuss the process of incorporating, adopting your by-laws and establishing operating and organizational principals.


Additionally, once your association is legally established, we will request for you to be included as a subordinate of American Youth Football non-profit 501(c)(3) status. As a new association, officers should be nominated and selected and documented in your official minutes. These officers should include at minimum, a President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer. Their duties are similar to those of many other organizations and should be listed in your by-laws. Other positions can be included such as Football and Cheer Directors, Fundraising Director, and such.


It would be helpful to form an Executive Committee composed of officers and selected committee chairpersons. This is a small work group that can meet when necessary between general meetings, share information, plan established time tables and make decisions.


Following the election, the new officers should select volunteers or appoint chairpersons of committees. These volunteers, as with other officers, must be people of action - not just good talkers. They should have experience in the following areas and be able to contribute to the association as facilitators of:





Coaching - Football and Cheerleading (a very important committee)


Fields and Facilities



START-UP CHECKLIST (This is a sample. Add items as you see fit.)


       Yes       No      Category

      ____     ____     Contact the local AYF Conference in your state for incorporation and assistance

      ____     ____     By-laws - before you can apply for non-profit status you must establish and adopt a set of By-laws.


Legally Incorporate under state law, adopt by-laws and apply for non-profit status


      ____     ____     IRS EIN # - Complete SS-4 form to obtain your Tax ID #



Register with the Secretary of State


      ____     ____     A - Confirm the name you chose is not being used by another or similar to another


      ____     ____     B - Fill out the proper Form for your Articles of Agreement to be filed with your state offices.



Register with the Charitable Trust Unit (this can only be done after the above are finalized)


      ____     ____     Fill out and submit the necessary forms or application as required



Additional items to ensure a successful start to your association


      ____     ____     Players and cheerleaders (how do you recruit them)?

      ____     ____     Schedules and calendars

      ____     ____     Special events

      ____     ____     Playing fields and facilities

      ____     ____     Equipment: purchase, care and storage

      ____     ____     Meeting facilities

      ____     ____     Coaching requirements

      ____     ____     Coaching education: clinics, certification, etc.

      ____     ____     Fundraising

      ____     ____     Publicity and media relations


Facilities are crucial to this activity. Contact the local Recreation Department, Y’s, Boys’ Clubs, churches, school systems, camps or other groups with field space to see if there is an interest in sharing their fields. Work through the items on the Start-Up Checklist. When there are answers to most of these items conduct the first public meeting - one that is well publicized throughout your community.



Duties or job descriptions can vary from community to community depending upon size, facilities, geography, transportation needs and economic conditions. There is no correct job description and number of members. Experienced leaders and committee workers who can identify what needs to be done and carry out their tasks effectively will be valuable human assets.



We encourages youth leaders to field as many teams as they can handle and to provide playing opportunities for as many players as possible. When youngsters are given the opportunity to play football or cheer in a supportive environment, they come out in significant numbers. Space and financial considerations, plus adult leadership, are primary factors to take into account in determining how many participants and teams an organization can support. It is especially important to encourage the youngest levels as they will feed you older levels years to come.



The purpose of the first public meeting is to let people in your community know what you plan to do and why. Organizers should have a basic understanding of the New England Region and AYF/AYC, as well as its purpose and place in the community for youth. The organizing committee should be familiar with and have answers to the expected questions that center on: who, what, when, where, why, how, how much and how many. Select an attractive location for this event. It should take place at least six months before any activity for the youngsters actually occurs. Invite the leaders of all local community organizations that serve children to attend. Invite local business people as they may have a financial interest in supporting your program. Invite sportswriters and broadcasters and encourage their participation. Using the media may well ease the work of future publicizing of your plans.

Keep in touch with us....We are here to assist you every step of the way.